Transport Equipment Management

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities have a large inventory of beds, stretchers, and wheelchairs. Often, much of this inventory has some type of functionality issue or deficiency. These deficiencies can include broken bed rails, ripped mattresses or pads, broken or missing spokes, rust build up, cleanliness, etc. Furthermore, tracking of this inventory is historically difficult and frustrating. 

Our TEMS Program is the solution for this problem. The service was built on three core concepts that work together to provide autonomy and peace of mind for all transport equipment. 

  1. Barcoding and Inventory Management
  2. Deep Cleaning and Restoration
  3. Parts Supply and Repair Work

The “big companies” are taking advantage of hospitals with long term service contracts and confusing language. Our TEMS Program is straightforward and customizable. Call us to speak with a NEXClean Account Manager and learn more about our TEMS Program today and how we can save your facility money and heartache.

If your healthcare facility needs assistance with the routine cleaning and maintenance of transport equipment, contact us today to schedule a free on-site visit and assessment. 

Facilities Serviced:

Hospitals, Long Term Acute Care Centers, Nursing Homes