Elevator Deep Cleaning

Often, elevators and their cleanliness are the first impression someone has of a facility. We believe that proactive and routine maintenance leads to a first-class appearance for your business. Elevator tracks and cabs take a beating, especially in colder climates during the winter months with snow and rock salt. The frames and doors are also subjected to wax from surrounding floor treatments, and constant smudges from traffic and fingerprints. Our elevator deep cleaning service addresses all of these challenges. 

  1. Extract loose dirt and debris from tracks and cabs with heavy duty HEPA vacuums
  2. Deep clean tracks, floors and walls with high temperature vapor steam
  3. Clean and polish all surfaces with environmentally friendly solutions
  4. Thoroughly wipe down all surfaces with hygienic microfiber towels

In addition to elevators, our teams have experience deep cleaning escalators and moving walks. With the same principles and attention to details, we can provide superior results at your facility. 

If your building has elevators, escalators and moving walks that need to be deep cleaned or maintained, contact us today to schedule a free on-site visit and assessment. 

Elevator Deep Cleaning.

Facilities Serviced:

Hospitals, Urgent Care Centers, Doctor Offices, Dentist Offices, Veterinary Offices, Office Buildings, Restaurants, Car Dealerships, Health & Fitness Centers, Schools & Daycares, Retail Stores, Banks, Religious Facilities, Industrial Warehouses, and more…