Equipment Deep Cleaning

NEXClean was founded on this service. Our Patient Care Equipment Deep Cleaning Program has been built on years of experience from large scale cleaning projects at some of the world’s most renowned healthcare facilities. It is no secret that hospitals have a lot of equipment, and the management of this equipment is an ongoing challenge. With constant pressure to clean quickly for patient turnover, the equipment that is used for patient care is often not cleaned and maintained properly. That is where we come in!

  1. Walk Through – our OSDC Program starts with a thorough walk through of your facility. Our trained Operations team will survey your facility’s equipment so our team can create a custom solution for you.
  2. Proposal – your NEXClean Account Manager will work with you to develop a proposal that fits your needs. Whether it is regular quarterly cleaning or a one-time project, you will receive a custom solution that works for you. 
  3. Schedule – our Operations team will provide you with the information you need and a detailed schedule that you can share across your facility to ensure a smooth experience. 
  4. Deep Clean – once our team members arrive on site, we make our way to the agreed upon staging location to begin our process of deep cleaning and restoration.
  5. Wipe Down – after the equipment is cleaned and restored, it is thoroughly wiped down with hygienic microfiber to ensure it is ready to return to patient care. 
  6. Barcode & Track – after a final quality assurance check from our on-site foreman, each piece of equipment is bar coded and scanned into our custom asset tracking software.

If your healthcare facility needs assistance with equipment deep cleaning, reformation or maintenance, contact us today to schedule a free on-site visit and assessment. 

Equipment Deep Cleaning PDF.

Facilities Serviced:

Hospitals, Long Term Acute Care Centers, Nursing Homes, Surgery Centers