Interview With Dan Nestor, Co-founder of NEXClean

While attending West Chester University, college buddies Dan Nestor and Mike Quinn started NEXClean. Their side hustle developed into a successful business with 40-plus employees and a growing network of franchisees. Recently, Nestor shared why NEXClean offers a tremendous opportunity to franchise owners.

NEXClean started as a specialty cleaning company in the healthcare industry. How does the brand’s background set it apart from competitors?

All of our internal processes were built around the ramifications of high-level inspections. We expect our work to be inspected and critiqued, so we have processes in place to ensure quality from top to bottom.

How is the brand committed to franchisee growth and success?

We have built out a world-class leadership team, including rock stars from sales, operations and finance. Our entire team is focused on growing the brand through franchising and the foundation of our corporate structure is supporting our franchisees.

Why is now a great time to become a NEXClean franchise owner?

The services industry and commercial cleaning in particular are safe bets. We are a recession-proof, pandemic-proof and Amazon-proof business! If you are someone that is willing to work hard and stand by your work, you can be very successful in commercial cleaning.

As one of the fastest-growing, privately held entrepreneurial companies in the Greater Philadelphia area, NEXClean is excited to expand in the northeast. The brand is poised for further growth in a janitorial service market that will be valued at $322 billion in 2027, according to Grand View Research. Franchisees who are ready to roll up their sleeves can expect to receive classroom and field training as well as support establishing relationships with building managers.

Brianna Bohn