What began as a garage-based side hustle for co-founders Dan Nestor and Mike Quinn has grown into a successful business that works with some of the largest and most influential health-care companies in the world. NEXClean, a specialty commercial cleaning company that provides cleaning, disinfection and protection services, is known for its professionalism and reliability.

While NEXClean is no longer run out of Nestor’s garage – it now has 40-plus employees and a growing network of franchisees – the brand has maintained its commitment to exceptional service with a “roll up your sleeves’’ mentality. It even uses environmentally friendly processes in an industry known for its harsh chemicals, and ensures client satisfaction with customized cleaning strategies. In addition to its dedication to innovation and adherence to high standards, NEXClean has been recognized by The Philadelphia100® Forum for being one of the fastest-growing, privately held entrepreneurial companies in the Greater Philadelphia area for the past five years.

Although NEXClean is an emerging brand in the franchise space, it has a proven model that has been time-tested for over a decade. Even with the challenges presented by the pandemic, the specialty cleaning company, which had operated exclusively in the health-care industry for seven years, was able to pivot with ease.

“We started providing commercial cleaning and disinfection services to all business verticals. We carried that over to become the full-service commercial cleaning brand that we are today. Our approach to commercial cleaning incorporates the sophistication and detailed approach that we perfected in the health-care space. I don’t know of another commercial cleaning company that can say that,” Nestor said.

A stronger, more comprehensive model is not the only positive result of the pandemic for NEXClean. The brand has seen an uptick in requests for its services, with clients having a heightened desire to keep their spaces clean.

“Now more than ever, the general public is looking for businesses to have an action plan when it comes to cleaning and disinfection,” Nestor said. “People want to know that the offices they work in and the stores they shop in are clean and safe. They want to know that their children’s school is safe. There has been a cultural shift that now highlights the importance of proper cleaning and disinfection, and that is an extremely important piece of how we are building our messaging and our business.”

Prospective franchisees can move into this opportunity with confidence. In addition to investing in a brand that is well-positioned in a constantly growing industry, they will receive individualized support from a team with years of experience.

“Our entire corporate structure is based on supporting franchisees when they come into the system. Our corporate team is responsible for selling our health-care services within every territory that we award, and we have a great team providing sales and operational support for our commercial services as well,” said Nestor, who added that he and his team are looking for partners to join the NEXClean family, represent the brand and grow their business.

The Amazon-proof, recession-proof and pandemic-proof company has franchise opportunities throughout the Northeast, with hot markets in northern New Jersey, New York, Baltimore and Washington, D.C.

Brianna Bohn