Sean Richards was comfortable. For over a decade, he enjoyed a secure job with an industry leading supplier of hardware, tools, and maintenance equipment.  He and his wife Joanna were raising 4 children, with one more on the way. But still, there was something missing from Sean’s life.

“I felt stuck,” declared Sean. “There was no growth potential, I didn’t feel fulfilled. In the back of my mind I thought about becoming a business owner, but how do you start that journey?”

Sean began reading self-help books and talking to other successful business owners and entrepreneurs. “I realized they were regular people, not super heroes,” said Sean. “I could achieve the same success.” Sean understood that the advice and connections he made by networking and talking to people was the path he needed to follow to achieve his dream of business ownership, so he made the strategic move of leaving his comfortable job and becoming a full-time Lyft driver. “It was the best way to meet people and learn the secrets of their success.” But he wasn’t an ordinary Lyft driver…

Over the next 8 months Sean concentrated his drive times to coincide with 4:30 AM flight times and other peak hours and locations when his target audience would need driving services. “I engaged with them,” declared Sean, “and many of them took the opportunity to share their wisdom and advice with me.” The more inspiration he got from his clients, the hungrier Sean became to lead an entrepreneur life. “I wanted to build something for my family, for my kids,” said Sean, “I wanted to write my own story.”

While researching potential franchise opportunities, Sean remembered a job he had working for a cleaning company when he was in college and recognized that the environmental service industry was poised for growth – but he was looking for an opportunity that was more “sophisticated” and catered to a particular niche – and that’s when he found NEXClean.

According to Sean, “owning a NEXClean franchise gave me an opportunity to offer a completely new green environmental cleaning solution specifically targeted at the healthcare industry. The territories are large, the start-up costs are minimal, and I was able to get my business up and running in less than 6 weeks – and the best part, I’m really helping people live safer and healthier lives.”

Today, you’ll find Sean Richards in Dover Delaware where he’s recruiting clients, building his storefront and business identity, and reaching out healthcare facilities in Delaware, Southern New Jersey and Eastern Maryland. To learn more about owning a NEXClean franchise, visit