Specialty Applications – Paying Attention to Details

When was the last time you looked at the elevator tracks in your facility? Is there a heavy wax build up on the stainless steel kick plates on your doors? Have your trash chutes ever been deep cleaned?

Healthcare facilities face some of the most stubborn and difficult cleaning challenges. NEXClean has developed a comprehensive service to help facilities address these mundane and demanding cleaning tasks; thus allowing employees to focus on more prominent responsibilities.

Take a look at some of the Specialty Applications that our crews can perform, so you can free up your staff to concentrate on their daily tasks.

Elevator Tracks – our vapor steam technology is the perfect way to address those deep grooves and stainless steel surfaces. Especially during winter months with salt and snow, elevator tracks get beat up. We can get your tracks looking brand new with our elevator track deep cleaning.

Stainless Steel Kick Plates – wax build-up on kick plates is a concern in every facility. Floor machines keep floors clean and protected but can ruin nearby surfaces. Whether large or small, kick plates can be an eyesore when wax build-up is not addressed, and we have the solution!

Trash and Laundry Chutes – chute cleaning can be a very arduous chore. We have a process that addresses not only the chutes themselves but also the stainless steel door frames and rooms where the chutes collect trash and laundry. Let our crews clean your chutes for you!

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