Every great company is built on strong work ethic, perseverance and INNOVATION.

Over a decade ago, Dan Nestor and Mike Quinn from West Chester PA began with a vision to create clean hospitals in their community. Early on, Dan and Mike recognized that ALL COMMUNITIES deserve their cleaning expertise.




Dan and Mike’s cleaning reputation with NEXClean expanded to serve the entire US Northeast region thru the Carolinas.

Bring healthy hospitals, ALL healthy environments to YOUR community!

Meet Dan

Headquartered in West Chester, PA, NEXClean is a specialty cleaning company that provides deep cleaning services and solutions to the healthcare, rehabilitation and food processing industries. Born on a “roll up your sleeves” mentality, the infantile years of NEXClean were spent cleaning children’s hospitals transport equipment.  Attracted to our very green, detailed and super safe processes, our reputation spread throughout the Philadelphia region.

After just a few months, high school friends and teammates, Dan Nestor and Mike Quinn, were quarterbacking crews in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.  To present, NEXClean now services the entire Northeast region and the Carolinas.  Services have expanded from transport equipment to every department in the hospital including exterior cleaning.

NEXClean performs a wide array of services in which we utilize environmentally friendly technologies that have the power to deep clean AND kill harmful bacteria.  The services provided by our well-trained and ultra-professional crew members brings our clients the deep cleaning needs that they deserve.  Many of our clients simply do not have the resources and training to carry out the duties that are necessary to maintain the highest level of cleanliness.

Deep cleaning, caster wheel replacement, rust reformation, touch up paint and disinfection of all patient care equipment is what drives our merit up and the client’s infection rates down.  Patient satisfaction, employee morale, and overall function ability have also greatly benefited from our scheduled programs.