How do I get started?

Our expert team will answer all of your franchise questions:

Call us:  1-484-879-6260

Email us:

How much money can I make?

There is so much earning potential, but we do KNOW the franchise industry has rules to follow. We walk you thru the ENTIRE process.

Where can I open a franchise?

ANYWHERE IN THE US and beyond….Our goal is start begin with these hot territories: Pittsburgh, PA, Baltimore, MD, Providence, RI, Greensboro, NC, New York, NY, Cleveland, OH, Cincinnati, OH, and Richmond, VA.

What are the ongoing fees?

  • 6.5% on Gross Sales up to $500,000
  • 6% on Gross Sales above $500,000
  • Brand Fund – 1% up to 2%

***plus local marketing according to your local market and demographics

Do my ongoing fees pay for “back end” support and ongoing training?

Where do I get the training?

Our complementary franchise training is at our Corporate office, 833 Lincoln Avenue, Suite 5, West Chester PA 19380. We also offer hands on field experience to maximize your learning experience.

Do I and my staff need to be fully bonded and insured?

What does environmentally friendly mean to my bottom line?

How do we ensure quality services?

Has NEXClean won awards or recognition as Industry Leaders?

How does NEXClean give back to our community?

We believe in clean communities for EVERYONE, We also believe NO ONE should be hungry. We partner with local organizations that bring food to our communities. To date, over 8,000 meals and 1,000 volunteer hours have impacted the Philadelphia area communities!


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