Patient Care Equipment Cleaning – Keeping Patients Safe and Ensuring Longevity of Equipment

Patient care equipment can be found in every healthcare facility in our country. This equipment is essential in the day to day operations and critical to the well-being of patients. Often times, this equipment is not properly cleaned, and that is where our On-Site Deep Cleaning (OSDC) service comes in.

Which type of equipment is typically cleaned during the OSDC service?

Stretchers, wheelchairs, IV poles, trash cans, linen carts, over the bed tables, med carts, OR tables, mayo stands, ring carts, kick buckets, workstations on wheels, step stools, patient lifts, AND MORE…

How often should patient care equipment be deep cleaned?

We get this question every day. Of course, every facility is different, but our recommendation for rolling stock deep cleaning is quarterly or bi-annually (depending on the size of the facility).

How does the process actually work?

A fundamental aspect of our OSDC service is mobility. Our unique process allows us to move floor to floor and room to room to deep clean equipment when necessary.

Tracking and Reporting

An integral part of our service is the identification and tagging of the equipment for critical record keeping. Each piece of equipment receives a bar-code label and is scanned after it goes through the deep cleaning process. Upon completion of the service, customers receive a detailed report of the equipment that was cleaned. These records serve as a benchmark of your efforts to maintain the highest levels of cleanliness at your facility.

How does the tracking and reporting benefit your department?

The bar-coding of equipment began as a practical way for us to keep track of how many pieces of equipment we deep cleaned over the course of a shift. The reports have since evolved into a way for our customers to document their proactive efforts; most importantly in preparation for regulatory inspections.

Environmentally Conscious

NEXClean is proud to feature environmentally friendly technologies as part of our all-inclusive deep cleaning service.

Service HighlightsHiRes

  • Electro-activated water and vapor steam are both water-based solutions that allow us to eliminate hazardous cleaning chemicals from our process.
  • Our vapor steam machines drastically reduce water usage. Over the course of a typical 8 hour work day, they will only use 8-10 gallons of water!
  • Electro-activated water can replace the dependence on hazardous cleaning chemicals. By producing the solution on-site at every job with just ordinary tap water and salt, we are also reducing our carbon footprint.

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