Joint Commission Resources: Environmental Infection Prevention: Guidance for Continuously Maintaining a Safe Patient Care and Survey Ready Environment.

Actionable Tips that Ensure your Healthcare Facility is Fully Prepared

Patient satisfaction and safety rest on two factors: your commitment to caring for their health and the conditions of your healthcare facility. Equip yourself with a partner to achieve the highest standards of disinfection for medical equipment.

NEXClean is a leading provider of environmentally friendly deep cleaning solutions for the Healthcare Industry –we are your one-stop-shop for all your Healthcare Facility cleaning needs!

What Our Customers Say

Outstanding Results Clearly Evident

“I have worked with NEXClean on two different occasions in two different states.  Both times the level of professionalism and outstanding results was clearly evident. Being able to sanitize, at a high level, in the nooks and crannies of an operating room table was amazing.  Their ability to replace 100’s of rusted casters improved the lives of many grateful staff.  After their team left we felt that the environment was cleaner and aesthetically better than when they started.”

Perry Wein │ Director, Perioperative Services

Impressed with Detailed Process & Reporting Capabilities

“We initially contracted NEXClean to clean patient care equipment in our Emergency Department. My team and I were impressed with their detailed process and reporting capabilities. After the initial service, we decided to implement their quarterly deep cleaning program across the entire hospital. Our staff looks forward to NEXClean crews coming back.” 

Robert Jeffrey │ Director, Environmental Services

Wide Variety of Cleaning Applications

“We utilize NEXClean every month at our facility. They are capable of a wide variety of cleaning applications and provide service to a majority of our facility. They are available any time of day, and work with the flexibility, professionalism, and detail that a medical environment needs.”

Kirk Walkhoff │ Director, Environmental Services

We Serve:

  • General Medical

  • Surgical Facilities

  • Dialysis Centers

  • Urgent Care

  • Hospitals

  • Dental

  • Specialty Care

  • Veterinary

  • And More!

We’re Equipped To Handle The Whole Job

You and your staff do the best job possible to disinfect and clean your healthcare facility. But often there’s just not enough time or resources to do periodic, deep cleaning that’s necessary to meet patient safety standards.
At NEXClean, we act as an extension of your team with one goal in mind: to simplify your equipment cleaning with our turnkey process. We reduce the stress of audits by keeping you on a regular deep-cleaning schedule.

Highly unique and efficient process for cleaning and equipment restoration

Our team of professionals deep clean and restore all your patient care equipment right in the area of use, there’s no wasted staff time moving equipment to and from a dirty loading dock to be pressure washed.Our goal is to maintain the highest level of cleanliness and prolong service life.

Mobile Disinfection Protects Patients and Staff

Our “Zero Touch Surface Management” is an innovative approach to delivering EPA registered hospital disinfectant to environmental surfaces throughout your facility. Hard and soft surface application with no rinse or wipe required.

Lower Risk, Higher Customer Satisfaction

Our electrostatic disinfection process targets pathogens that can survive on surfaces for months, lowering your facilities risks and improving patient (and staff) satisfaction.

Your One-Stop Shop for all your Healthcare Facility Cleaning Needs

Our Medical Facility Management program goes beyond your clinical areas and manages all your janitorial needs. In addition, Our crews service equipment inside the kitchen and across the Food & Nutrition department.

Fast & Efficient

Our approach of delivering disinfectants or sanitizers fast and precisely will alleviate many of the risks associated with poorly managed surfaces. Service treatment rates of over 10,000 square feet can be achieved in one hour or less depending on the applicable number of rooms and surfaces.

Comprehensive Reporting

Our software allows our customers to track our work in real-time, creating benchmark reports that verify your continued state of cleanliness.

Marketing Assistance

We have special marketing tools to help you promote your facilities commitment to infection control and reducing healthcare-acquired infections.

Environmentally Friendly

Our environmentally responsible approach can be both cost-effective and quality enhancing. Our earth-friendly practices provide a wide range of options for your facility needs.

Service Spotlight

NEXClean is a specialty cleaning company that provides deep cleaning services and solutions to the healthcare, rehabilitation, and food processing industries. Born on a “roll up your sleeves” mentality, we offer an environmentally friendly green, detailed and super safe processes, that maximizes the efficiency of your staff, improves patient safety and satisfaction, all while extending the lifetime of your equipment.

Discover The Future

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