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Environmental Infection Prevention: Guidance for Continuously Maintaining a Safe Patient Care and Survey Ready Environment

Only a few years ago, the biggest concern of patient infection was antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Now, the most dangerous bacteria found in hospitals and healthcare facilities are surviving on inorganic surfaces like IV poles and moving medical equipment.

To comprehensively remove contamination and germs, daily and periodic deep cleaning of all hard surfaces must occur.

When you download Mobile Equipment and Implications for Infection Control, you’ll learn proven measures for cleaning medical equipment, such as:

  • Daily and periodic cleaning of any Velcro found on your medical equipment, especially blood pressure cuffs
  • Evaluating medical mattress covers and beds for wear and tear, as contamination can lead to the spread of infection

  • Regularly cleaning mobile medical equipment, which moves around a lot and often misses a wipe down with disinfectant

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